I Love You : The Myanmar Refugees

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    A group of 34 Rohingyas (a Muslim minority living in the Arakan State, Myanmar) tries to escape the Myanmar's military oppression and to reach Malaysia through the Ocean.
    Packed in a small boat, they navigate for 5 days in the Andaman sea in very rough conditions.
    Exhausted, they approach by mistake a small Thai island, where it ends their dream to reach Malaysia or Indonesia.
    Even thought Thailand was not their first choice, they're still lucky to not have shipwrecked, nor to have approached to a Myanmar's island in the Andaman region.
    Finally, a Thai military ship comes to take them away...

Witness from Kuala Lumpur
I have survived ethnic cleansing and systematic murder at the hands of the Myanmar secret police and I have survived the harsh life in Malaysia where no one really helps. Only a few Chinese people would help us in Kuala Lumpur but they too are frightened since we do not have official papers.
Mukhtar (a Rohingya who suceeded to reach Malaysia)