Why register?

The possibility to register has been introduced to :
1 - Adapt dynamically the aspect and the contents of the site according to the interests of each guest.
2 - Make accessible also the sections of the "personal area", which otherwise are kept invisible.
How it works?
After the first login, the next time that you will visit this site you will be logged automatically. No more boring requests of Username/Passwords! Only if you will logout or if you will access from another pc these data will be asked again.
According to your preferences, the server will automatically modify the pages, evidencing what is more interesting for you (especially if you have a specific interest in one section only).
The data are safely stored in a database that is inaccessible to anybody. Moreover, during the registration they are not required data such as telephone numbers or addresses.
The sections of the "personal area" requiring mandatory registration are the following :
  - Photo archives
- Travels
The following sections are instead partially inhibited to the unregistered users :
  - Thailand - accessible without registration typing www.maiani.eu/thailand
- Minerals & Fossils - accessible without registration typing www.maiani.eu/minerals

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